Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Magic Nigger and His Place on the World Stage

I'm a huge, or, was a huge Stephen King fan. I think I have read every one of his books and short storiesI think I have watched every one of his movies. To me, Stephen King was known as an innovator of the horror genre; but two things that kept eating at the back of my mind, was his extensive use of the word "nigger" in just about EVERY one of his stories. 

In all of his worlds and dimensions, and time lines, the black man never could escape his fate or reality. He was always the nigger. Just read one of his short story's, Dedication,  where the black help licks up gallons of seamen from a racist's white man's bed sheets; and some how this is supposed to be magical. King was at the forefront of the magical nigger in the 80's and 90's...The Shawshank Redemption, IT, The Stand, The Green Mile...all called for the Negro as the sacrificial lamb in order for the white man to triumph and become the hero once again. 

Hollywood has become masters at his genre...Let's name a few...

The sacrificial negro Goldberg comes back from the dead to help a white couple communicate.

Sister Act
White people can't sing so lets get a negro to show them honky's some soul!

Finding Forester:

A negro can't read or write so lets get Sean Connery( who's English sometimes is barely understandable) to teach this nigger how to read!

The Blind Side:

A white woman wins an Oscar for teaching niggers how to win....get this... IN SPORTS!

I mean, honestly, the list can go on....this is just from the top of my head. The lack of diversity of the black race and other races is readily apparent in Hollywood blockbusters. So, it was understandable for me to get pissed when I read the headlines, that France is banning the #1 smash hit Think Like a Man, due to lack of diversity. 

The fact is that movie's with an all black cast never make it overseas, because producers don't see it as potential money makers. Not unless we are acting like monkeys or stone cold thugs. It's funny how the NBA does just fine, and don't let me get on about the BILLION dollar porn industry. In this sense blacks and (Asian women in porn) are seen as oversexed and one dimensional individuals. There are no positive examples to overshadow the overwhelmingly negative stereotypes of the black image....

While I'll bet Titanic 3D( has no black/Hispanic/Asian actors/ actress's in it at all. I guess we didn't exist in this time period) passed the French censors, why not Think Like a Man?

Paul Mooney, the Godfather of comedy once told Stephen King a candid piece of advice...

"You wanna write the scariest story ever Mr. King? How about a nigger going to College, A nigger with a Education"

Need I say more?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silver Liberation Army Anthem

An anthem I made for the SLA(silver liberation army) movement. I'm thinking of making a free album called Randy Flagg: the silver album

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Racisms/Classisms Ugly Head in China


Thanks people. I read every one of your comments and I appreciate them. I would like to thank you all for adding words of comfort. I was on the cusp of stepping 10 steps backwards. My boy David Ghannay knew what I had to go through in Shenyang. i thank him for being there and staying a true friend, and would like to address some things.

The reason why I have stayed here for so long is because China has so much potential, and as you can see from Jenny and Xena, not all Chinese are racist pricks. There are two extremes here: The extremely good and the extremely bad. Actually I have met some great Chinese people on Facebook like Chris(Monktreeproductions), me and him talk a a lot, and he kind of gives me advice, and also Celine Huo, who used to be a flawless student full of respect.

Another reason, was that in the beginning, I couldn't afford to return to New York City financially. That was at the pinnacle of the housing boom, where real estate was sky high, and in the early and middle 2'000's rent was off the wall. At that time I was only making 400 dollars a month in Shenyang(you could live pretty well off of that at that time), a large city in China. So at that time I was kind of stuck here.

By the time I moved to Shanghai I had already gotten used to the life here. I went to America a few times to see friends, and to see how the situation was. When I returned for a visit to America I always missed China in some small way. I felt like I was missing some great opportunity if I just settled back in America.

My financial situation slowly got better after I got out of teaching as a primary means of making money. For a foreigner in Shanghai, teaching is one of the most demeaning jobs, because of the pay and because one is most likely teaching spoiled children, and parents and fellow Chinese teachers don't respect you much, especially if you are not white.

Now I am a seller of raw Earth materials, like copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and I invest in precious metals. I couldn't have picked a better occupation at a better time. And this could only happen in China. That is because China is such a material hungry nation and they seem to have a limitless supply of money.

Also its because my wife works for BP(British Petroleum) and it's really hard to just get up and move to America. We are planning it though, slowly. She doesn't like China very much.

Also I have to consider Xena, who is half Chinese

On the day that this buffoon got out of his car and started to attack me, it had to do with road rage. Me and a couple of business associates were happening to get into a taxi and a BMW behind the taxi began arrogantly beeping his horn. Rich mainland Chinese always rudely do this instead of being patient and just waiting a few moments. One of my friends, who is Chinese, happened to be pregnant(only two months). For ten seconds the guy on the BMW kept his hand on the horn, and out of impulse I said "fuck you man, come on relax!"

This is when he and his friend in the car just started flipping out and cursing us out while riding on the side of us(reminded me of Klu Klux Klan on horses with torches and Medger Evers).
We just ignored them and thought nothing of it. It was a coincidence that we were stopping at the same supermarket.

This Chinese guy and his friend storms up to me and says "You shouldn't say fuck you to Chinese, you are in China! you should respect Chinese! Fuck You!!! "

This really pissed me off because since I have been in China I have always respected Chinese. I have never said any derogatory things about their race. I have always tried to blend in and be polite to their culture. I go out of my way to be nice to Chinese, almost to the point of pleading with them to accept me. A fine Uncle Tom I was for these many years. In fact, my Greek associate, who is European has always looked down upon them and calls them racist names casually. I don't participate in that type of stuff, because honestly, I do respect their culture.

So, as a man of principle, I yelled back at him "You should respect people by not beeping your horn so loudly and being patient. You were rude! This has nothing to do with you being Chinese, this has to do with you being an asshole!"

The rich in China are growing more and more resentful of foreigners(Even though 99% have gotten wealthy from globalization). Now that many of them have new found financial status they can be quite arrogant. And it was my misfortune to meet one of these Cretans. They also have a dislike of blacks, because of television and because of the continent of Africa status in the world. The newly rich Chinese respect money, and Africans, to them , don't seem to have any. Even though I'm American a majority can't tell the difference.

So then these guys proceed to start moving in and trying to punch and kick me. It is me and my Greek associate, his wife and another woman. The Greek guy is huge and much bigger than them and could have easily beat them to a pulp. I'm a pretty good fighter so I wasn't worried about danger, but I am worried about how I am perceived by others.

We were in Hongqiao, a very high class area and their were many internationals around. The most important reason why I kept backing up is because I was about to make a deal that was about to net me 10's of thousands of dollars a month. And the buyer was Chinese and we were supposed to meet in front of this store. And if he sees us fighting other Chinese I'm sure the deal would have went south.

So here I am batting these guys punches and kicks away, while all these white folks start staring at me. My Greek friend is trying not to be aggressive and exercising his patience.

After all is said and done these guys go back in the store and yell so loud "fucking niggers!"

How much this enraged me, not being able to take a bat and bash his head in. What would Cornell West have done? My mind resolutely focused on 25'000 dollars a month, t-w-e-n-t-y five thooooouuusand dollars a month, 2,5, thousand, dinero a month. As I said before there are two extremes in China, the very good, and the very bad. It so happened that these two converged at the same time.

My dear friends Nicole and Chezon say write about it. Write a book. And in response to this I would like to say that I have a blog(which is blocked in China) and a podcast, and have already written two books on the subject( in Chinese) which have been rejected by the government for being too politically sensitive(they don't believe there is racism in China), have written numerous articles that have been published in the Shanghai Times. I also have the YouTube thing.

So in some ways another reason why I refuse to leave is because I feel like I'm Fredrick Douglass, or W.E.B Du Bois trying to survive and represent my people in a respectable fashion because after all the Chinese will be our masters in the not to distant future. Last Tuesday was a step back in that direction.

In the end, it looks like this deal is going to go through. I'm here because China for all intents and purposes is the Wild West and the gold rush. I can't go back now because I'm a man trying to stake my claim.

But in the future ....

I will have the resolute strength and pride of my dear friends Mika, Mill, Sue Cole, and Ophelie(who don't take crap from nobody), but have the calm and determining factor of my good people Gigi, Chezon, and Dana

with the power to think things through like my boy Rob, and Zsa.

I will take your advice Donald, and be careful.

Anyway, on to other things....25'000 dollars a month!!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ying Ma responds to my personal letter. Things get ugly


(Images above of Darkie Toothpaste developed in the 1980’s by a Taiwanese person in regards to the blackness of an African person’s skin, in contrast to their white teeth. The toothpaste is still sold today in Chinese supermarkets under the name of “Darlie”, because “Darkie” was considered offensive to blacks. And the face has changed from vaudeville to a generic face. Second Image is of a Korean pop band called “Bubble Sisters” in 2003 before they debuted they tried out at a talent agency where someone told them that they were too ugly/fat (despite the fact that they had soulful voices) to be in the music industry, so they decided that they needed a gimmick that would reference what that person said. the 'blackface' was the gimmick & when foreigners were angry because they were connecting blacks to being unattractive they tried to make excuses for it by saying it was a dedication to them(blacks). who thought it was cute to mimic the face of black women and laminate how ugly they were, see....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYmIqzRIlEo)

This is what Ying Ma said on her website in response to my first letter to her....


Mr. Fields, I appreciate your interest but you have clearly misunderstood and misread my articles. First, they do not condemn all black people, but only those who behave in a racist fashion toward Asians.

Second, just because plenty of blacks treat each other poorly in poor areas does not mean that criminal or abusive behavior that blacks direct toward Asians is by definition not racist. According to your logic, I could argue that the Chinese government’s treatment of blacks in China has nothing to do with race. After all, the Chinese government persecutes and represses its own citizens every day, every minute, far more frequently than it mistreats black people on its own soil. Similarly, using your logic, one can say that unflattering Chinese racial attitudes toward blacks or dark-skinned people are also not racist, because Chinese people are far more capable of treating each other like crap. Have you not noticed that Chinese people beat, scam and kill other Chinese people too?

Of course, your logic is deeply flawed, because racism can and does play a role, both here in America and in China. The key to understanding this is to remember that people can be despicable in more ways than one. As such, a Chinese policeman in Beijing can beat a political dissident because he is ordered to do so by an authoritarian state, but he can beat a black man for no reason because among other things, his racist attitudes have led him to to assume, without sufficient evidence, that the black man in his custody is a criminal. Similarly, a black teenager in Oakland can get into a fight with other black teenagers to prove his street cred, but he can also beat or dish out racial slurs at the “Chinamen” around him because he simply does not like Asian people.

What you need to understand is that racist people can commit other wrongs that are not racially motivated. The key is not to justify one with using the other, but to denounce both.

Third, my articles on race all talk about not just racism but two other issues: 1) political correctness and 2) personal responsibility. As a result of political correctness, mainstream American society has branded blacks as a group that can only be victims of racism, not racists themselves. Hence, it can never look blacks in the eye and tell them that racist behavior is wrong or demand that blacks take personal responsibility for their actions. Meanwhile, numerous blacks who are not themselves racists also have a lot of trouble admitting or recognizing that members of their race could actually be racist. As such, they similarly have trouble exhorting their black brethren to take personal responsibility for racist attitudes or behavior. In the end, everybody just looks away. People prefer to talk about other things, such as socio-economic factors. Your multiple responses on this website in fact prove that very point.

My articles attempt to break that cycle. They merely point out a reality that much of American society prefers to ignore. Not everybody likes what I have to say. It’s fine that you disagree, but I’d like to thank you for your thoughts regardless.

With that said, you have clearly become rather obsessed with me and a sliver of my work. You have sent in multiple comments on this website. I think some of them make very valid points. Others, including some that will not be approved, are slanderous and offer no particular value to this forum. Since my website is not your, or anyone else’s, diary, I reserve the right to reject and delete any and all comments. I would, however, encourage you to read my articles more carefully before you lash out with personal insults.

Best regards,
Ying Ma

This is my second response....

Dear Ms. Ma

As far as my obsession goes, it’s not an obsession with you. Please don’t get it twisted. It’s an obsession with the idea that a person from the educated elite can have the audacity to spread ignorance through a blog. You have now inadvertently become my poster child. It’s ironic how you want to sensor my comments, but Asians on your blog are allowed to call black people “Niggas”. Isn’t your blog here for the public to read, deconstruct, and make opinions? Don’t air your dirty laundry if you are not looking for it to get washed.

I was prepared to look up to you, because I was searching for answers on my own front (no matter what your background was), but your writing is questionable. This is why I question your education. You can call that slanderous if you want, but I just call it like I see it.

Anyway, I agree that mainstream media often portrays blacks and Jews as victims by someone else’s design. Like for instance when Kanye West says George Bush doesn’t like black people. That infuriated me and most educated black people. Fredrick Douglas and W.E.B. Dubois would be rolling in their graves. But my boy did have a point. Would the response have been the same if this situation happened in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, The Upper West Side, or Scarsdale? I think Kanye got it wrong, and he should have said George Bush doesn’t like the lower class.

Now back to you. You are condemning black and Hispanic people for the same crime you are committing. That is, playing the victim. What you experienced in your childhood was racism by ignorant teenagers, poor adults, and children. You can reverse this situation and put it in the same light…..

A Korean man who opens up a sneaker store in Oakland, and doesn’t bother to learn the language, or interact with the people, he doesn’t teach these people about his culture. And under no circumstances is his daughter allowed to talk with or marry a black, or Hispanic. Another Asian or a white (because he automatically considers whites better than himself and other Asians and blacks) person is ok, but a black or Hispanic? She will be disowned. The same place where he does his business and makes his bread, but he doesn’t want anything to do with the people that help propel his family to the top.

A black person in a similar situation has no chance of opening up a shop in Korea. It’s the same in China, if he wanted to open up a shop like Sylvia’s (the hottest black restaurant in Harlem) in Shanghai, no one would go. It was very evident at the Shanghai Expo where European and American Pavilions you had to wait on line for over 6 hours, as opposed to the African Pavilions where there were no lines for anything. You could just go right in. Asians and Chinese, for the most part, were not interested in learning about or interacting with black culture. They just wanted to take a picture of a token black man and the big black Gorilla. But go to Jean George’s in Shanghai and Chinese are willing to pay 5000 Yuan(800 dollars) for a 7 course meal. I honestly think that Sylvia’s ribs can top anything at Jean George’s.

Now take a person like Jin(a Chinese hip-hop artist signed to a black record label). A person that was called all types of names by blacks in the book, but has excelled in his profession, because he knew the socio-economic settings around him. Yes blacks were allowed to call him all types of crazy names, and if he bothered to fight back(like you did) and call them derogatory names back, and fight them back, he would have been slaughtered, but this comes with the territory. He was in an all black neighborhood of people that were low on the soci- economic level. Just like in Shanghai I don’t go on a Subway and start berating Chinese or I’ll get beat down. Case and point….

http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/videos/chinese-passengers-beat-unruly-foreigner-on-guangzhou-metro.html (This also shows how whites can be racist towards Chinese. I only say this because in your article about ghetto racism you seem to give white people a free ride).

Eminem can also be a bi product of this environment. They had to earn their way in. Once they embraced our culture they were a part of it, they were accepted, loved and in for life. That’s how it is at the lower socio-economic levels. Prove yourself to the tribe and then you are inducted in. It’s just like I would have to prove myself to a Chinese father in order to win a date with his daughter. Behind my back he would have been calling me every crazy name he could think of. But if I worked hard enough, it is possible I could win him over.

You seem to look at racism at a lower level, which doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, and in the process you are condemning the whole of blacks and Hispanics; when you should be looking at racism on an institutional level.

By an institutional level I mean the Opium Wars, the Boxer Rebellion (remember when the Western world dumped all that silver on your people at highly deflated prices, and yes I read Moment in Beijing), the colonization of Shanghai by white America, England, France and Germany in the 1920’s. Because there were no black people forcing themselves on your shores and basically making your people smoke crack in the 1800’s. There was not a single black entity colonizing your shores through the centuries. Matter of fact Caribbean blacks welcomed your Chinese people shipwrecked on their shores 300 years ago. Marrying and having children. Now Jamaica has so many decedents of black and Chinese heritage. Do your research you will find these facts. What thanks does the black race get from China? Let’s not even start with Darfur where Chinese supply bullets to the Junta and let the blacks fight it out amongst themselves as the Chinese mine for raw materials. A fate they would never put on the white nations of the world, because they respect them so much.

Or what about the Yuan Ming Yuan that was pillaged and burned by white countries. Not a single black entity owns any pillaged Chinese artifacts. I challenge you to find any. So while you are quick to blame blacks and Hispanics for your childhood dilemma, you fail to see the bigger picture. At present do you think white America will allow the East (China and India) to rule on their clock? America is willing to devalue its dollar to crap rather than let your people rule. And you are blaming all the racism of your people on blacks and Hispanics?

Small potatoes darling.

You might not let this response appear on your blog, BUT…, there is always a “but”, I will put your response on MY blog and facebook, because I believe in free speech. Those rights that you speak about reserving are only excuses, because you are angry at the truth. Maybe you are right about my obsession. I respect you so much that I’m angry and obsessed enough to try to get you to look at the bigger picture and to stop dwelling and victimizing on the past. Everyone is a victim in the ghetto, not only you, I will reiterate I respect you, and applaud your achievements in life.

This is most likely my last comment and reading on your blog. Like a Caribbean cruise I will move on. I just wanted to add my two cents. I hope that you find peace and prosperity in future, and most of all….heal.

Now I’m going to go hug my daughter and make sweet love to my Chinese wife.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Am I Crazy?


Recently, a string of events have prompted me to change my whole political and economic view of everything around me. It started three months ago…

I downloaded an audio book entitled Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2006. Although I had it in my hard drive for all of these years I never really listened to it; partly due to my laziness, partly due to my disinterest in finance at that time. After I finally did get the time and patience to listen to it, I went on to listen to another of the author’s books entitled the Conspiracy of the Rich.

Now why did I finally listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad? Well here’s how it started. In September I was on a big freelance project that lasted two months. It was a grueling two months of deadlines, writing movie scripts and creating lesson plans. At the end of the project I got paid 5000 dollars. I noticed that my financial situation was getting better. My wife works at British Petrol and she gets a sizable income. But where was our money going? And I had no money for my daughter that was coming along. The banks in China only allowed the foreigner limited options in dealing with money. Mostly, all we are allowed to do is put our hard earned money in a bank and allow the bank to lend our money at a 10 to 1 advantage; meaning, that when I put 1’000 dollars in a Chinese bank, they take my 1,000 dollars and make it into 10’000 dollars to lend to others, and then charge high interest rates to those that they lent my money to, while giving me less than 2% interest on the money that they are lending at 10 to 1.

In my mind all I was doing was giving these foreign institutions an advantage to fool around with my hard earned cash, at the same time getting no advantage for myself of economic prosperity. I decided to take my 1000 dollars and find an American bank in Shanghai. I found two. That was Bank of America, and Citibank. When I went to Citibank to deposit my money I was given the run around.

They made me wait over an hour, even though I was giving them MY money so that they could lend it out in derivatives to others. They then said that I needed to have at least 4 forms of identification. At that time I had my American Passport, my high school diploma, and my university degree, and my social security number. When I was in America, It was a long process to get my passport. I had to give multiple forms of identification. An American passport is the highest identification in the world.

I still was rejected, and they only would accept my money if I were to put over 10’000 dollars in their bank. Anything lower than that I would have to pay 200 dollars a year to keep the account open if it were lower than 10’000 dollars, and only if they accepted my identifications. Here was an American institution in a foreign country rejecting a fellow American. It was the same at Bank of America, except that it was more humiliating. Here, the Chinese woman looked at me from her great oak wood desk, and said in so many words that, “your money is too small. Bank of AMERICA only accepts corporate accounts in China”.

It was the same at HSBC. One could almost see the smirk on their face as I came and took out my small 1000 dollars. This enraged me. In 2008 wasn’t it your American tax money that bailed out these Bank of America’s and Citibank’s when they needed your help the most? And what happens? When you can’t pay your car note or mortgage payment you don’t get a bailout. They take your house and throw you out on the street. When they can’t pay their bills they get a big fat check.

Or, they siphon it into welfare, where lazy people like my adopted mom get it; those kinds of people who have 4 VCRS and 4 televisions in 4 rooms so they don’t miss As the World Turns, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and All My Children. Those who never stepped foot in an office, or a factory work floor in all of their lives.

It was then that I realized that our government doesn’t reward hard work. I decided never to put my money where I cannot gain a distinct advantage. And for the next 2 months I stacked my money in a drawer. In the Bronx that would probably be unsafe, but in Shanghai there are no problems with robbery and guns. So before I knew it I had a sizable stack of money; all of this time I was trying to figure out a place to put or invest it in.

This is when I started to listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad and Conspiracy of the Rich. Of course he was trying to sell me his products, because after all he is a business man, but I got a deeper message, and that was to become more financially educated; because if you don’t become financially educated and just mindlessly hand your money over to the banks and government you will get nothing in return.

I tell people this….for example I tell my friends to put money in silver because right now the government and banks are suppressing silver and gold prices to make the dollar seem stronger. There is almost no more silver left in the world anymore, and silver is known to be a good investment against inflation. Because people are demanding more silver the market is ready to explode; because there is almost NO SILVER LEFT. Commodities like food, oil and metals can make a poor man rich in these times of uncertainty. Putting your money in a bank will only devalue it, and you will end up having less buying power.

I tell them that paper money in the near future will become useless. People just laugh at me. They think I’m crazy. But let’s look at the state we are in now. Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Algeria and Albania are all having revolutions at this exact moment. Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Belgium are all bankrupt. Japan’s credit has just been reevaluated. The USA owes more than 10 trillion dollars. The communist, controlling, morally bankrupt country of China is on the cusp of owning the world. Wasn’t it our America that said “Communism is bad”, and now everything that comes to America is made in China, all in the name of globalization; but people still pay no heed to what I’m saying. There is a normalcy bias that blind folds the common person. They think I speak in conspiracy theories, when this is what is happening now.

Take your money out the bank and invest it in something. Do it for yourself, do it for your children, do it for your future; because the government will work their hardest to take every ounce of change you got left. The rich will make new rules so that they can benefit from your ignorance. Become financially educated. I was so ignorant about my finances and money until I started reading, and it has done so much for me. It has opened my eyes.

Am I crazy? I don’t think so

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Personal Letter to Ying Ma( Blacks Racism towards Asians)



I'm one of those to admit that blacks can be very racist to non black individuals. This is especially true in black/Hispanic ghettos across America; where even the hushed sound of the word "nigger" can be turned into a high profile media event. Do you remember the Jenna 6? Both blacks and Jews have this culture of being so oversensitive when our race and culture come into perspective that we refuse to hear anything on the issue rationally, if it’s not casting us as the victims. In various parts of our lives we have even forced our experience on others. I remember in high school I was forced to watch Schindler's List, and I was forced to like it.

I hate the “we are the victims” mentality in America. In China, racism here has taught me tolerance. I can take so much here that in America I would never have accepted. That’s because here people don’t care. If you blatantly get rejected by an organization because you’re black, there are no Al Sharptens or Jesse James’s to run to. Lawyers here don’t know the meaning of discrimination suits. If someone calls you a “nigger” in Chinese on the Metro, no one will even bother to bat an eye. One quickly learns to use stereotypes to their advantage when the club in the advertisement specifically request for a black D.J., or a Filipino Maid, or a white “businessman”.

Today while scouring through the search words of “black”+ “Chinese” in Google, I came across a website by a Chinese American by the name of Ying Ma. She has a B.A., from Cornell University magna cum laude, and a J.D. from Stanford University. She has also been involved with many fellowships between China and America. She has also written for big news organizations, such as the Wall Street Journal. To me she seemed to be an accomplished young woman. That was until I read her articles on race relations.

On her blog http://yingma.org/2010/06/25/ghetto-racism/, and in her articles she attributes blame to the black/Hispanic race of why her childhood was so miserable. She accounts in vivid detail, her life in Oakland California, word for word of how a Mexican girl accosted her and called her racist names in the fourth grade, and getting beat up, and harassed by blacks; of how no one notices black/Hispanic racism towards Asian Americans. I can remember vaguely being called by African Americans nasty and racist names, and I’m black!

What I’m saying is, here is an educated Asian woman crying to be the victim here, and for all intents and purposes she was a victim. She was the victim of racism and ignorance. It is wrong, and I think blacks really sometimes have to look at themselves and how they view other people. But, and there is always a but, let’s get one thing clear. She was not the victim of institutional/disenfranchised racism. There is quite a difference. Let me give an example…

In the early 1960’s-1990’s in South Africa, blacks were treated as lowly beast of labor. During apartheid blacks lacked rights, voting, and often were relegated to menial duties that promised no future, even though the majority of people in South Africa were black. We had to watch as whites ruled the government and created establishments that were disadvantageous to blacks. In this time Chinese and Asians enjoyed the same treatment as whites. There was no segregation for Chinese and Asians. You didn’t hear any Chinese raising a complaint for black people. They could go to the same school as whites, they could eat in the same restaurants as whites; they were almost as equal as whites. During this time they did not want to be considered “black”. Twenty years later, now Chinese have won a settlement in court to be considered “black”, because now in South Africa blacks receive most of the advantages.

During those hard times there were no Chinese or Asians in the front lines with Nelson Mandela and Desmond TuTu fighting apartheid, but in the end they received the same benefits that blacks fought for through blood, sweat and tears. A Chinese person didn’t spend more than 30 years in prison with Mandela. See….


Let’s take a look at America in the 1960’s Medger Evers, Malcolm X, and Dr. Martin Luther King were all assassinated because they fought for rights of blacks, and minorities. There were lynch mobs, Police hoe sprays, and Church burnings. I didn’t see any Chinese American in the pictures or film marching on Washington. I didn’t see any Chinese American walking 10 miles to work during the bus boycotts of the 1960’s. And I didn’t see any Chinese taking a water hoes to the head. In the Brown vs. Board of Education Linda Brown and 200 other plaintiffs were spit on, had rocks thrown at them, and were called every name in the book so that you and their grand children could go to Cornell and Stanford in order to study together. Why don’t you write about them?

Of course though Ying Ma, I wasn’t part of this either, but it is part of my culture. I’m not saying that Chinese Americans and Asian Americans didn’t suffer in America. I have read about Iris Chang’s book Chinese in America, but there is a big difference. You came here willingly to take the suffering at an attempt at prosperity. African Americans did not. Your people came here like many others to take advantage of the American system. African Americans did not.

And there is a self hatred within our group and towards others that is difficult for you to understand. This wasn’t a personal attack on you because you were Chinese, or because they were Asian. This is frustration of the ignorant, passed down from generation to generation. It is racism, but, so does me being called a “nigger” on the metro in Shanghai. Ignorance permeates in every poor class neighborhood, and city, and every corner of the Earth. Blacks attack whites, blacks Asians, and guess what? Blacks even attack other blacks the most!

When you live in a poor neighborhood, or a ghetto what do you expect? If you lived in a red neck part of the south, and went to school there, would you expect to get treated any differently; or what about a wai di ren from Guizhou trying to find work in Shanghai? You seem to think that these African Americans/ Latin Americans had something personal against you; when in fact ignorance begets ignorance. Ignorant people like to be with ignorant people. What would make you think that you could get something positive out of these ordeals? You seem to think that these ignorant people represent all African/Latin American views towards Chinese, and other Asian populations. I am willing to bet my life that you didn’t get treated with racism by black and Hispanics at the higher educated institutions that you attended. Yet, we don’t read about this in your beautifully worded rants and raves.

The same can be said for Chinese restaurants/stores that make money solely from black and Hispanic business in poor neighborhoods. I’m willing to bet your parents made a living by selling a service to the black/Hispanic community in Oakland. My experience with Asian establishments in the ghetto is a feeling of coldness and disconnect; of not wanting to be associated with anything of our culture, but solely to make money from the black community with the hopes and dreams of some day living it up with the rich on Central Park West. Yes, some of those Compton bangers are not too ignorant. They understand your intentions.

As much as you like to crow on and on of how you were the victim of racism by ignorant minorities, it most likely was your classification as a minority that helped get you into the Stanford and Cornell programs. Not saying that your race was solely the reason, I’m just saying that being ethnically different helps a lot when it comes times for these councils to make these kinds of decisions. Just to let you know that Affirmative Action, a process that was fought with blood, sweat and tears by African Americans, benefits (I actually don’t support AA) you in this way.

Now I’m no fan of Jesse Jackson , or Al Sharpton. If you ask any educated African American, they will tell you that these people don’t represent us. You seem so eager to point your finger at the ignorant in regards to racism. Every race has racial ignorance. Your Chinese race included.

Here’s a story about a young beautiful mixed race child in Shanghai who got berated by CHINESE netizens, being called monkey, chimpanzee, nigger, and other horrible words http://www.chinasmack.com/2009/stories/shanghai-black-girl-lou-jing-racist-chinese-netizens.html

Or this article where police round up random black people in Beijing and proceed to beat them up…


But your articles I see rarely provide any distinct balance, or remedy for the situation of racism in ghettos. You seem to rejoice in the fact that a Chinese woman stood up to a black woman, beat her and won. You just provide countless articles of Chinese being victimized by blacks; when, if I look hard enough I can find situations where Chinese have even shot and killed blacks…


Ms. Ma I would think that a person so educated as yourself could understand these things. Why does it take a lowly bachelor educated, young man from a no name university to tell you these things? You should focus both equally on the positive as well as the negative exchanges between minorities in your educated atmospheres. Supply solutions, and not just ranting. If not, you are just wasting your education.

I have a question for you. What do you say to a person like me who is married to a Chinese and has a daughter by a Chinese woman? I very eagerly want to know what the Stanford lawyer has to say to my daughter.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Hair Conundrum

A real big problem in China I have is what to do with my hair. When I was young, Yvonne, my adopted caretaker was much in the same predicament that Chinese are here. She didn't know how to take care of a full head of black hair.

She has taken care of black children for more than 20 years, but never bothered to learn the art of braiding or twisting hair. Her remedy was just to cut it all off. There was no shaping up the sides or anything. She didn't care how you looked.

All the males that were in her care got bald heads. She didn't take pride in her African hair either. It was always permed or Jerri curled.
I remember every two Saturdays sitting in this yellow chair as she violently almost tore through my scalp.

So, because of this I never came to appreciate my hair or how I looked until I got to the university. At that time I slowly began to focus on my identity. And so began my dreadlock phase. That dreadlock phase lasted until last week when I cut my hair all off.

China is the wrong place to get Afrocentric, because nobody knows how to take care of your hair. And most everyone thinks it's a wig. I was tired of Chinese people staring at me for countless minutes wondering how I washed my hair. Here everyone has the same haircut. It's boring actually.

If I went and tried to get a trim, shape up, and re-twist the hair dressers here stood in perplexing stares. Then you would have 5 people around my head trying to figure out what to do. Now that I have a low cut it's pretty much the same. I come in and they treat me like the village idiot.
I already miss my hair. R.I.P. nappy dreadhead